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Holden Retirees Club Honour Roll



The Honour Roll is updated once per year, each December.  The Roll below was created in November, 2014.

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NameCurrent LocationJoinedDepartmentLocationYears*
George WALLIS MAIN RIDGE, Vic 1-Aug-34 Engineering Fishermens Bend 81.4
Len MARTIN CLAYTON, Vic 27-Jul-36 Engineering Fishermens Bend 79.4
Lorna CHEARY BRIGHTON, Vic 19-Jan-37 Supply Fishermens Bend 78.9
Arthur BOLLARD ALBERT PARK, Vic 1-May-43 Sales & Service Sth Melbourne 72.7
Don COLWELL KEILOR, Vic 1-Feb-44 Engineering Fishermens Bend 71.9
Ron HEATH CROYDON, Vic 1-May-44 Quality Control Fishermens Bend 71.7
Alex CHALMERS MT WAVERLEY, Vic 20-Jan-45 Plt & Equip Dandenong 70.9
Ivan RILLING FINDON, SA 20-Jan-45 Works Engineering Woodville 70.9
Walter SCOTT ROSTREVOR, SA 20-Jan-45 Man Engineering Elizabeth 70.9
Bruce ARNOLD NOTTING HILL, Vic 1-Jul-45 Engineering Fishermens Bend 70.5
 Nils FLEMING  MACLEOD, Vic  3-Jan-46 Man Engineering  Fishermens Bend  70.0
Wally MAHONEY EAST BRIGHTON, Vic 1-Jan-47 Engineering Exptl Fishermens Bend 69.0
Paul FONTAINE BENTLEIGH EAST, Vic 1-Sep-47 GM P&A Dandenong 68.3
Peter KANE MT ELIZA, Vic 3-Nov-47 Engineering Fishermens Bend 68.2
Jack PERKINS FOREST HILL, Vic 8-Dec-47 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 68.1
Ed MATTHEWS DANDENONG, Vic 27-Jan-48 Engineering Fishermens Bend 67.9
Kevin COX MERIMBULA, NSW 1-Feb-48 Eng., Asia Pac Fishermens Bend 67.9
George JACOB RINGWOOD, Vic 1-Feb-48 Quality Control Fishermens Bend 67.9
Conrad LITTLEHALES CRANBOURNE EAST, Vic 1-Jun-48 Maintenance Fishermens Bend 67.6
Bill DOBELL BALWYN NORTH, Vic 21-Jun-48 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 67.5
Ray JENNER PASCOE VALE, Vic 1-Jul-48 Quality Control Fishermens Bend 67.5
Keith MUSSARED ALTONA, Vic 1-Oct-48 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 67.2
Norm FRANCISCO SPRINGVALE SOUTH, Vic 25-Nov-48 Engineering DO Fishermens Bend 67.1
John SIMON MURRUMBEENA, Vic 1-Dec-48 Purchasing Fishermens Bend 67.1
Don WYLIE PARKDALE, Vic 13-Dec-48 Engineering Fishermens Bend 67.0
Jack BARRY HAMPTON, VIC 13-Dec-48 GMP&A Dandenong 67.0
Paddy SCHOFIELD EAST BENTLEIGH, Vic 16-Jan-49 Foundry Fishermens Bend 67.0
John CAUCHI SPRINGVALE, Vic 1-Jun-49 GMP&A Dandenong 66.6
Brian ADAMS ROWVILLE, Vic 1-Sep-49 Engineering Purch Fishermens Bend 66.3
Doug CLEARY KEW, Vic 7-Nov-49 Manuf UAAI Fishermens Bend 66.1
Ian TOTHILL PIALBA, Qld 8-Nov-49 Mtls Mgmt Elizabeth 66.1
Livio BALLERINI ASPENDALE GARDENS, Vic 30-Nov-49 Maintenance Fishermens Bend 66.1
Bill MURRELL CITY BEACH, WA 15-Feb-50 Production Eng. Woodville 65.9
Jim SPOTSWOOD BEAUMARIS, Vic 1-Mar-50 Service/Sales Fishermens Bend 65.8
Paul BORELLI OAKLEIGH, Vic 1-Jun-50 Personnel Fishermens Bend 65.6
Bill GRIMSHAW MENTONE, Vic 1-Jun-50 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 65.6
Alistair PEARSE LAKES ENTRANCE, Vic 1-Aug-50 NASCO Dandenong 65.4
Bryan FITZGIBBON WANTIRNA SOUTH, Vic 10-Oct-50 Mtls Mgmt Fishermens Bend 65.2
Raymond STODDEN MOUNT ELIZA, Vic 27-Nov-50 Finance Fishermens Bend 65.1
Bruce BLACK BURWOOID EAST, Vic 1-Jan-51 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend & SA 65.0
John LEE OAM MORDIALLOC, Vic 1-Jan-51 Eng. / Service Fishermens Bend 65.0
Tom FINDLAY GLENROY, Vic 1-Apr-51 Supply Fishermens Bend 64.8
Harry GORFINE PATTERSON LAKES, Vic 1-Jun-51 Data Processing Fishermens Bend 64.6
Alan NANSCAWEN DONCASTER, Vic 1-Jun-51 Finance Fishermens Bend 64.6
Frank POUND CHELTENHAM, Vic 27-Jun-51 Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.5
Michael PERRY DONCASTER EAST, Vic 1-Jul-51 Man Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.5
Greg LYNCH DORA CREEK, NSW 1-Sep-51 Service Pagewood 64.3
Kazik PODKULINSKI BENTLEIGH, Vic 24-Sep-51 Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.3
Brian FRAYNE LOWER TEMPLESTOWE, Vic 1-Jan-52 Prod Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.0
Sam HORROBIN SURREY HILLS, Vic 1-Jan-52 Foundry Fishermens Bend 64.0
Tony MELE GLEN WAVERLEY, Vic 1-Jan-52 Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.0
Bernard SPENCER LOWER PLENTY, Vic 1-Jan-52 Indust Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.0
Ian ANDERSON LEVIN, HOROWHENUA, NZ 9-Jan-52 Supply New Zealand 64.0
Rex SWENSEN ST IVES, NSW 10-Jan-52 Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.0
Doug MCLEAN DINGLEY VILLAGE, Vic 14-Jan-52 Man Engineering Fishermens Bend 64.0
Ian SAMUEL VENTNOR COWES, Vic 15-Jan-52 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 64.0
Errol BROADHURST ASHWOOD, Vic 4-Feb-52 Finance Fishermens Bend 63.9
Lance SHIELDS GLENROY, Vic 4-Feb-52 Indust Engineering Fishermens Bend 63.9
Tom MOLNAR PORT MACQUARIE, NSW 1-Apr-52 Engineering Fishermens Bend 63.7
Russ KENNEWELL KEW EAST, Vic 4-Aug-52 Engineering Fishermens Bend 63.4
Blitzy BLITZ EAST BRIGHTON, Vic 25-Aug-52 Maintenance Fishermens Bend 63.3
Lysle CHAFFERS MALVERN EAST, Vic 1-Dec-52 Prod Engineering'g Fishermens Bend 63.1
Noel DIGHT CROYDON, Vic 1-Jan-53 Vic Zone Sales Dandenong 63.0
Peter PAVEY MT MARTHA, Vic 1-Jan-53 IDEC Dandenong 63.0
Peter CLEARY KLEMZIG, SA 13-Jan-53 Die & Fix Woodville 63.0
? BRAYBROOK TULLAMARINE, Vic 1-Jun-53 Finance Fishermens Bend 62.6
Ron ILLMAN DONCASTER EAST, Vic 1-Jun-53 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 62.6
Rudy KNAEPPLE VERMONT SOUTH, Vic 2-Nov-53 Man Engineering Fishermens Bend 62.2
Forbes GORDON BITTERN, Vic 12-Nov-53 Tool Room Fishermens Bend 62.1
Julie DIGHT CROYDON, Vic 1-Jan-54 Supply Fishermens Bend 62.0
Tony BROUGHAM MENTONE, Vic 11-Jan-54 Engineering Exp Fishermens Bend 62.0
John HAGGER COROWA, NSW 12-Jan-54 Works Engineering Fishermens Bend 62.0
Frank FAGARAZZI PORTARLINGTON, Vic 1-Mar-54 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.8
Una MARCUS/DELL MURRUMBEENA, Vic 1-Mar-54 Marketing Fishermens Bend 61.8
Ted MASON MOUNT WAVERLEY, Vic 1-Mar-54 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.8
Ken GIBB MORDIALLOC, Vic 4-Jun-54 NASCO Dandenong 61.6
John CLEARY NUNAWADING, Vic 1-Jul-54 Service Fishermens Bend 61.5
Boyd FANKHAUSER ORMOND, Vic 23-Aug-54 Engineering Proving Ground 61.4
Hugh VIDEION BRIGHTON, Vic 1-Sep-54 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.3
Alan SAITTA OAKLEIGH, Vic 30-Oct-54 Man Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.2
Campbell PARKER BLACKBURN, Vic 16-Dec-54 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.0
Don CLIFTON BITTERN, Vic 4-Jan-55 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.0
Bob WILLOUGHBY MOUNT MARTHA, Vic 4-Jan-55 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.0
Marc MCINNES MITTAGONG, NSW 5-Jan-55 Engineering Fishermens Bend 61.0
Dave BIRRELL SEAFORD, Vic 14-Jan-55 Engineering Exp Fishermens Bend 61.0
Ron BUTLER BROADBEACH WATERS, Old 1-Feb-55 Indust Engineering Fishermens Bend 60.9
Ivan DEVESON  TOORAK, Vic 1-Feb-55 Supply Fishermens Bend 60.9
Graeme BARTON MOUNT WAVERLEY, Vic 1-Mar-55 Finance Fishermens Bend 60.8
Fred HILLAS BURWOOD, Vic 1-Mar-55 Prod Engineering Fishermens Bend 60.8
Harold STEVENS HOTHAM HILL, Vic 1-Mar-55 Purchasing Fishermens Bend 60.8
Finno FINLAYSON CRAFERS, Vic 1-Apr-55 Engineering Fishermens Bend 60.8
Ed ORME EAST ALBURY, NSW 1-Jun-55 Manufacturing Woodville 60.6
Jim PENALUNA PORT MELBOURNE, Vic 1-Jun-55 Manufacturing Fishermens Bend 60.6
Peter COX TOORAK GARDENS, Vic 9-Jun-55 Finance Elizabeth 60.6
Lucy VIDULICH MORNINGTON, Vic 14-Jun-55 Design Fishermens Bend 60.5
Peter MURRAY BRIGHTON, Vic 27-Jun-55 Marketing Fishermens Bend 60.5
Gene TWINING CAMBERWELL, Vic 19-Sep-55 Finance Fishermens Bend 60.3
Norm ELLIS HIGHETT, Vic 10-Oct-55 Man Maint Fishermens Bend 60.2
Bob BEVERIDGE HALLAM, Vic 28-Nov-55 NASCO Dandenong 60.1
John CAR NOTTING HILL, Vic 13-Dec-55 Engineeringine Ops Fishermens Bend 60.0
Barrie ROBERTSON MORDIALLOC, Vic 1-Jan-56 Purchasing Fishermens Bend 60.0
Bill CASHMORE MACLEOD, Vic 2-Jan-56 Engineering DO Fishermens Bend 60.0
John PHILLIPS WATTLE GLEN, Vic 3-Jan-56 Engineering Fishermens Bend 60.0
Bruno CROCE ASCOT VALE, Vic 11-Jan-56 Personnel Fishermens Bend 60.0
Graeme HARPER PARKVILLE, Vic 11-Jan-56 Finance Fishermens Bend 60.0
Ron KIDD SEAFORD, Vic 12-Jan-56 Marketing Fishermens Bend 60.0
Neil HOWARD SANDRINGHAM, Vic 13-Jan-56 Foundry Fishermens Bend 60.0

 *Note: "Years" is the sum of Holden Service and Retirees Club membership.