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Holden Organisation Charts

Note: Copyright of this material resides with Holden.  You may freely download it for your pleasure or research, but you must obtain prior written approval from Holden Corporate Affairs Dept if you wish to use the material for any commercial purpose. 



 Contributer  Subject Area  Date  Content Link
 Roger Gibbs  GM-H  1985 September  Holden MD and Directors JPG
 Neil Pogson   Pagewood   1980 september  Pagewood Plant organisation after close down Aug 1980 PDF
 Harold Ingermells  Engineering  1971 July 13  ProvingGround PDF 
 Harold Ingermells  Manufacturing  1972 January 1  Reliability and Quality Conrol PDF
 Harold Ingermells  Engineering  1972 August 22  Engineering Organisation PDF 
 Harold Ingermells  Enginering   1973 July 1  Engineering Organisation PDF
 Harold Ingermells   Engineering  1975 January 20  Experimental Engineering PDF 
 Harold Ingermells  Engineering  1975 May 28  Experimental Engineering PDF 
 Roger Gibbs  Engineering  1978 January 1  Engineering Organisation PDF 
 Doug Cleary  Manufacturing  1947 June 30  Woodville Manufacturing Organisation JPG
 Doug Cleary  Manufacturing  1949 October 9  Woodville Organisation JPG 
 Doug Cleary  Manufacturing  1949 October 14   Manufacturing Dept Organisation JPG 
 Doug Cleary  Manufacturing  1959 January  Woodville, Elizabeth, Perth and Birkenhead Operations  JPG
 Doug Cleary  Manufacturing  1976 August 1  Manufacturing Organisation JPG 
 Trevor Whitehead  Finance  1974 June 12  Finance - General Accounting PDF 
 Roger Gibbs  Engineering  1966 January 1  Engineering Organisation PDF 
 Adrian Feeney  Engineering  1983 August 1  Chassis Engineering JPG 
 Adrian Feeney  Engineering  1983 September 22  Experimental Engineering JPG 
  Marc McInnes  GM-H  1942 April  Whole of GM-H Staff JPG  
 Colin Lewis  Assembly  1970 January 1  All Assembly Plant Management JPG 
 Holden  Holden   1945 October  Holden Org Chart (poor quality) PDF 
 Roger Gibbs  Woodville  1937 August 17  Tooling Dept. JPG 
 Roger Gibbs  Woodville  1934 June 13  Plant Engineering and Maintenance Dept JPG 
 Russ Little  Engineering  1974 August  Engineering   PDF
 Russ Little  Engineering  1975 September  Engineering  PDF
 Russ Little  Engineering  1976 April  Engineering  PDF 
 Russ Little  Engineering  1977 January  Engineering  PDF
 Russ Little  Engineering  1978  Engineering charts  PDF
 Russ Little  Engineering  1979  Engineering Charts  PDF
 Russ Little  Engineering  1982  Engineering Charts  PDF 
 Russ Little  Engineering  1990 march  Engineering  PDF 
 Russ Little  Engineering  1992 March  Engineering  PDF 
  Russ Little  Engineering  1979 February  Engineering  PDF
  Russ Little  Engineering  1995 April  GMHA Organisation  PDF
  Russ Little  Engineering  1995 May  Engineering  PDF
  Russ Little  Engineering  1996 October  WH Program Management
  Russ Little  Engineering  1998 March  Engineering Opel Platforms   PDF
  Russ Little  Engineering  1998 May  Engineering Holden Platforms  PDF
  Russ Little  Engineering  2005 July  Engineering Partitioning Organisation  PDF