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Note: Copyright of this material resides with Holden.  You may freely download it for your pleasure or research, but you must obtain prior written approval from Holden Corporate Affairs Dept if you wish to use the material for any commercial purpose.

"Pointers" was a series of publications for Dealers, issued monthly by GM/GM-H  to Dealer's and their Sales staff from 1934 until mid-1980's.  They were not issued to the public, and so are considered to be hard to find.

 November 1941

This issue, November 1941, was a special edition to present a "brief survey of the war activities of General Motors-Holden Ltd".

It is a volume of 88 pages, about half of which are devoted to the war activity information, the remainer being mostly full page adverisements for other companies who were also engaged in the war effort.

The pdf download is presented in two ways, either as two seperate files (the first being the War activities, and the second, mainly advertisements) or, alternatively, you may download the complete magazine in one file.

Section 1 (War activities)          ( 9.3 MB)           PDF

Section 2 (Mainly Advertising)  ( 6.1 MB)           PDF

Complete Magazine in one       (15.1 MB)          PDF

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